Our approach gives endless variations of value-driven process services and outstanding flexibility in customizing services for your company’s specific needs. What we offer is a process service foundation that creates multiple and targeted synergies with substantial operational cost reductions.

Our services can either be used as stand-alone modules or integrated with one or more of your existing support systems. You can start small and gradually add more services and functionality, at your convenience.

Administrative shared services

Our Administration Management is your first step towards lean services . With our service ACM, Acitivity Chain Management, you get maximum flexibility and control over your everyday life, i.e employee process services.

Spend-control shared services

With our Spend-control Management service you can manage and consolidate your sourcing and purchase2pay processes in order to become more effective and reduce costs.

Cash-flow shared services

Whether you are a small, fast-growing company or a large multinational corporation, you will increase your cash-flow yield by using our Cash-flow Management service. You will quickly increase productivity and automation of support processes for efficient management of your accounts payable and receivables. You can choose to facilitate only the supplier invoice process or take a more thorough approach with consolidated credit, supplier and customer master management from multiple data sources.

Financial shared services

Our Financial Management service gives you the benefits to to consolidate, harmonize and reconcile multiple ledgers into an automated month-end closing process – all in one comprehensive enterprise asset management solution. This enables you to evaluate financial data to find key trends and anomalies in your financial performance. Using this solution together in our Spend-control Management service you can also monitor your assets’ performance with service and maintenance tracking.