BEFF Services is a joint venture between Bestin Prepackaged Service Software AB (SWE) and Duni EFF s.p.z.o.o (POL).

Our mission is to provide increased productivity and automation within administrative and supporting processes to our customers core business, by offering Value-Driven Process Services, VPS, letting our customers to reach large scale benefits without taking great risks or heavy investments.

To be best in what we do we have a profound Dedication, we take our Responsibility towards you as a customer, our personnel and also our future human capital by using the cloud. We always look for Excellence in whatever we do therefore our Approach is very appreciated among our customers and stakeholders. Our staff is motivated by giving our customers Motivation, inspiration and ease of use. In the end of the day our foot prints should be hearing You saying Bestin is very Sophisticated in what they do. We call this DREAMS

  • Dedication
  • Responsibility
  • Excellence
  • Approach
  • Motivation
  • Sophisticated

We always look for Your way of handling a business process, not forcing you to adapt to something that’s not optimal for your way of handeling your processes.